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Martin Rejzek

Martin Rejzek

Martin Rejzek

ZHAW School of Engineering
SKS Testing and Engineering
Technikumstrasse 9
8400 Winterthur

+41 (0) 58 934 67 28

Work at ZHAW


  • Deputy head "Safety-Critical Systems Research Lab"
  • Head team "SCS Testing and Engineering"

Professional development teaching

WBK Funktionale Sicherheit

Education and Continuing education

Expertise and research interests

Safety, Risk, Reliability, Availability, Functional Safety, STPA, Occupational health and health policies


  • Technical supervisor Hardware and Firmware development, Center for Proton Therapy
    Paul Scherrer Institute, Schweiz
    05 / 2005 - 12 / 2012
  • Temporary assignment
    Frauenhofer Institute for Autonomous Intelligent Systems in Sankt Augustin, Germanny
    04 / 2004 - 08 / 2004
  • Hardware and software development
    Stäubli Sargans AG, Switzerland
    06 / 2000 - 11 / 2001

Educational background

2021 - 2022 MSc. in Engineering Management at the Brunel University, London
2011 SUVA advanced training "Sicherheitsfachmann EigV"
2008 - 2009 Certificate of Advanced Studies in Projectmanagement, Zurich University of Applied Sciences
2002 - 2005 Studies of electrical Engineering at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences

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Articles in scientific journal, peer-reviewed
Conference contributions, peer-reviewed
Other publications
Oral conference contributions and abstracts

Publications before appointment at the ZHAW

Actis O., König S., Mayor A., Rejzek M. Daily quality assurance procedure at Gantry 2: advanced instruments design and software architecture. Poster presented at: Particle Therapy Co-Operative Group PTCOG52; 2013 June 2-8; Essen, Germany

Meer D., Zenklusen S., Rejzek M., Bula Ch. Recent issues on fast scanning techniques at PSI. Talk presented at: 2nd Workshop on Hadron Beam Therapy of Cancer; 2011 May 20-27; Erice, Italy

Zenklusen S., Pedroni E., Meer D., Bula Ch., Safai S., Rejzek M., Eichin M., Jaeggy K. Feasibility of (conformal) simulated scattering on the new scanning Gantry 2 of PSI. Talk presented at: Particle Therapy Co-Operative Group PTCOG49; 2010 May 17-22; Chiba/Gunma, Japan

Grossman M., Bula Ch., Eichin M., Jäggy K., Martin G., Mayor A., Rejzek M. Active Scanning Beam 2: Controlling Delivery. Talk presented at: PSI Winter School for Protons 2010; 2010 Jan; Bad Zurzach and PSI Villigen, Switzerland

Rejzek M., Boehringer T., Bula Ch., Eichin M., Grossmann M., Hofmann J., Mayor A., Meer D., Pedroni E., Safai S., Shixiong L., Zenklusen S. Verifying and Synchronizing the Distributed Fast Sensors at the PSI Proton Therapy Center. Poster presented at: 16th IEEE NPSS Real Time Conference; 2009 May 10-15; Beijing, China

Lin S., Pedroni E., Rejzek M., Amstel J.P., Giordanengo S., Smit B., Voorneveld M.J. A multilayer inoization chamber (MLIC) for proton beam Bragg peak curve measurements. Talk presented at: Particle Therapy Co-Operative Group PTCOG48; 2009 Sept 29-Okt 03; Heidelberg, Germany

Meer D., Pedroni E., Bula Ch., Künzi R., Rejzek M., Zenklusen S. Comissioning of the Gantry 2 scanning system Poster presented at: Particle Therapy Co-Operative Group PTCOG48; 2009 Sept 29-Okt 03; Heidelberg, Germany

Schippers M., Anicic D., Dölling R., Duppich J., Dzieglewski G., Goethem M.J., Korhonen T., Kostezer M., Meyer P., Mezger A., Rejzek M., Amrein B., Böhringer T., Coray D., Hilbes Ch., Jermann M., Lempen D., Lin S., Pedroni E., Rohrer B., Stäuble H.U. Commissioning and preparations for patient treatment with COMET (PROSCAN). PSI Scientific Report 2006:62-63

Rejzek M., Hilbes Ch., Meer D., Baumann D., Zehnder M. PROSim - A FPGA based Real-time Simulator for the PSI Proton Therapy Facility PROSCAN. Poster presented at: Particle Therapy Co-Operative Group PTCOG44; 2006 June 12–16; Zürich, Switzerland