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ZHAW receives award from US university for successful partner programme

With the «Outstanding Co-op Employer Award 2023», Northeastern University in Boston emphasizes the successful partnership with the ZHAW School of Engineering. The award was accepted by ZHAW lecturer Mathias Bonmarin, whose research team regularly hosts students from the US.

The ZHAW School of Engineering was honored by the Northeastern University College of Engineering as one of 15 employers with the «Outstanding Co-op Employer Award 2023». With this award, the partner university of the ZHAW School of Engineering, which is based in Boston, USA, recognizes institutions that offer exchange programs for students as part of the university's Co-op program and «go above and beyond» in doing so. As part of the partnership, one student from Northeastern University visits the Sensors and Measuring Systems research group at the ZHAW School of Engineering every year. For group leader Mathias Bonmarin, the award is also a symbol of the successful collaboration between the two universities: «The partnership between Northeastern University and ZHAW School of Engineering has been an invaluable asset to our research endeavors. The global co-op students we've had the privilege to host consistently exhibited remarkable motivation and exceptional skills, seamlessly integrating into our research team», says Bonmarin, adding: «My thanks go above all to our International Office, whose outstanding support has enabled us to organize the administrative processes efficiently and expediently.»

Exploring new research opportunities in the STEM fields
Northeastern University sees the partnership as a major plus for its students, as it emphasizes in the award citation: «ZHAW has been an amazing partner to work with over the last few years. Not only are they communicative and engaged with the cooperative education program at Northeastern, but they are always willing to explore new types of research opportunities in various STEM fields. We have received highly positive feedback from students who have completed their global co-op with ZHAW». Mathias Bonmarin is therefore looking forward to further expanding the partnership, «we look forward to welcoming even more co-op students in the coming years».