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Continuing Education incorporated into Academic Affairs

In order to make better use of synergies and specialist knowledge, the Continuing Education Unit will in future be incorporated into the Academic Affairs Unit.

In addition to the better utilisation of synergies and specialist knowledge, the merger of both units offers other important benefits. For example, it will be possible to think of the lifelong learning strategy and the incorporation of digital tools in teaching activities in holistic terms and to implement these aspects accordingly. In doing so, the ZHAW wants to establish a sustainable position in the areas of academic programmes and continuing education over the long term. After all, the complex nature of business and society and the rapid change being observed in both areas are increasingly necessitating lifelong learning. The notion that we never stop learning has never rung truer.

Reto Steiner, Dean of the ZHAW School of Management and Law and Head of Academic Affairs, will assume strategic responsibility for the newly merged unit, while Patrick Hunger will head up operational activities from 1 April 2022. The unit will be supported by the “Academic Affairs” committee, which will now also incorporate the existing “Continuing Education” committee.