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Ökologisches Potenzial auf Golfanlagen

At a glance


In the public and even in professional circles, the ecological value or the ecological value of the product has to be taken into account.

Little is known about the potential of golf courses that are laid out close to nature and professionally maintained. As part of this project, the Migros Zurich GMZ cooperative wanted to sift through habitats on its planned golf project perimeter Beichlen in Wädenswil and integrate them into the investment planning taking into account ecological aspects. In addition, targeted visitor monitoring should be used to gain insights into the behaviour and movement patterns of people seeking relaxation. This information served as the basis for the development of a customized visitor management system.

The preliminary project for visitor management gives an initial overview of the uses in the golf perimeter. For this purpose, different methods of recording usage were used. Initial data evaluations have shown that recreational use plays an important role in the golf perimeter.

The GMZ also commissioned the Environmental Planning Department to draw up a habitat inventory in order to inventory and document all existing near-natural areas and structures in the area of the planned golf course Beichlen and its surroundings. Furthermore, faunistic mapping was carried out in 2013. Based on the mainly entomological surveys as well as external supplementary observations of birds and small mammals, target species for the projected golf course were proposed.

During the referendum the realization of the golf course was rejected. Migros has subsequently withdrawn from the Beichlen project area.