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Presentation Guidelines

All lecture rooms will be equipped with data projectors and laptop computers running on Windows OS. In order to minimize delays between presentations, all presenters are asked to use the provided laptop computer.

30 minutes prior to the session start, there will be a staff member in the lecture room to collect the presentations and to assist the presenters with technical matters. We kindly ask all presenters to deliver their presentations in PowerPoint or PDF format on a USB flash drive at least 30 minutes prior to their session in their respective rooms.

Maximum length of oral presentations is 15 minutes + additional 5 minutes for discussions.

Session chairs

The main responsibility of each session chair is to make sure that every presenter in the session has the same amount of time available for her or his presentation and questions asked by the audience.

A session chair should indicate approaching time limits to the presenter by holding up a sign or by making a gesture.

We also ask each session chair to introduce the presenters in a nutshell, mentioning their name, possibly their affiliation, and the title of their talk. The chair should also moderate the discussion by selecting questions from the audience and by terminating the discussion when time is up.