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Please find below the latest ZHAW news in English throughout all media channels.

News releases

  • When a discussion leads to developing a software

    Artificial intelligence that takes care of programming and a book that explores the impact of digitalisation on academic writing. Thanks to the DIZH Fellowships, innovative projects emerge at the ZHAW.

  • Information about coronavirus

  • From ADHD to visual impairment – fact sheets support lecturers

    People with disabilities should be able to study without barriers and discrimination. The inter-university network Swissuniablity offers hands-on support for lecturers.

  • Atlas of Mammals of Switzerland and Liechtenstein now published

    The largest regional survey to date of mammals in Switzerland and Liechtenstein has concluded. After several years of research, the new Atlas of Mammals of Switzerland and Liechtenstein (Atlas der Säugetiere – Schweiz und Liechtenstein) is now…

  • Climate research: Earth faced global environmental crisis 42,000 years ago

    About 42,000 years ago, a weakening of the Earth’s magnetic field caused a massive climate shift, sparking a global environmental crisis. This was the sensational conclusion of a recent international climate study. The ZHAW's own Julien Anet was…

ZHAW Blogs


  • Research Colloquium "Ecosystems and Biodiversity"

    Insights into current topics from the research field, presented by specialists from Switzerland and abroad. Every second Wednesday during the semester.

  • Online course "Global Business and Human Rights"

  • Dechema 3D Cell Culture 2021 (Online)

    Models, Applications & Translation

  • International Business Podium: Poland - Europe's Most Dynamic Economy?

    Little is generally known about Poland’s history and economy in Switzerland, which may also be why Warsaw is currently not a popular study-abroad destination. This event will help you understand how the EU’s fifth largest member state by population…

  • Online Information Event: MAS Business Administration / Master of Business Administration

    Would you like to acquire a broad knowledge of business administration so that you can take the next step in your career?