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Review of the ZHAW University Strategy 2015–2025

In the summer of 2020, an initial revision of the ZHAW University Strategy 2015–2025 was conducted. Each of the three strategic goals was supplemented with a strategic direction.

During the development of the university strategy, a mid-term revision was planned by the Executive Board. This review took place in 2020. Adjustments were not made at the goal level, but rather at the subordinate level of the strategic directions. The four strategic directions for each goal were expanded by one direction each. The “knowledge-based and competence-oriented” goal now includes the “lifelong learning” strategic direction. This addition is intended to give greater consideration and support to the continuous development of individuals through educational and learning processes in different life situations and throughout their active professional lives.

Strengthening sustainability and digital transformation

The ZHAW is reinforcing sustainable development within the “transformative” goal. Competences in this field shall be fostered more actively than before, and students are to be trained to work for the preservation of livelihoods as set out in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). On a larger scale, the ZHAW’s aim is to contribute to the sustainable development of the economy and society by providing scientific principles and innovations. A further strategic direction to the "transformative" goal highlights the ZHAW's contribution to the digital transformation and innovation of the economy and society, thereby strengthening the competitiveness of the canton of Zurich. Overall, the ZHAW strives for stronger networking with other higher education institutions in Zurich. With a further strategic direction under the third goal “European”, the ZHAW actively participates in the profiling and further development of the European higher education, research and innovation area.