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Optimism in times of COVID-19

In 2020, the pandemic had a strong impact on the activities of ALUMNI ZHAW. One highlight was the launch of the new website.

Normality was disrupted in 2020. The alumni organisation no longer functioned as members were used to just a few months ago. Many everyday life activities suddenly seemed strange or were simply impossible to do without safety precautions and protection concepts. “As an association, we felt like COVID-19 was slapping us again and again. Nevertheless, we have plenty of reasons to be optimistic: we can use our strengths, we can focus on what connects us and we can activate and involve our network,” said Pierre Rappazzo, president of ALUMNI ZHAW, when describing the current mood. Many members of the departments seized the opportunity in 2020 and tested new real-digital solutions according to the circumstances. The boards have gone down new paths of communication, and the situation required a change of thinking and an awakening from everyone involved.

In December, after eight months of project work, the new website was launched. This website is more than just an information platform for members. The new tool offers a wide range of opportunities to strengthen the relationship network, thanks to its modern website, simplified address management system and event management functions. By launching the new website, a milestone has been reached for networking activities and for further expanding the alumni organisation.