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Research activities School of Applied Psychology

The latest publications and projects from the School of Applied Psychology.



  • Short online personality screening

  • Behavioural economic approaches in favour of road safety

    Traditional measures that are based on rational thinking and action by individuals (e.g. controls, penalties or education campaigns) sometimes fail to achieve their full potential in road traffic and in reducing accidents. Moreover, it can be assumed that most road users already have a very good knowledge of the ...

  • Questioning Sequences in Coaching (QueSCo)

  • inklusiv plus: Mental health of unemployed young people

    In Switzerland, nearly one out of six young persons (16%) has no occupational solution after completing compulsory education. Young people who have found no option after completing compulsory education more frequently have mental impairments and disorders than young people who begin an apprenticeship or go on to ...

  • Distance leadership