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Thesis at InES

Bachelor thesis

Master thesis


Theme Typ Candidate Contact
Flexible Communication Stack for Resource-Constrained Cube Systems MT Timo Lang Marcel Meli
Low Power and Energy Autonomous LPWAN Node for Application in Water Environment MT Aswathy Ambass Marcel Meli


Theme Typ Candidate Contact
Optimal Platform Architecture for Nvidia Embedded Supercomputer MT Alexey Gromov Hans Gelke
Energy Self-Sufficient Activity Monitoring on Chair with Dynamic Seating Plate MT Andreas Stahel Juan-Mario Gruber
Generic title to be precisely given later: Autarkic system related research work MT Simon Mathis Juan-Mario Gruber


Theme Typ Candidate Contact
Enhanced User Guidance on Packaging Machines MT Fabian Schaltegger Andreas Rüst
FPGA-GPU-Codesign MT Philipp Huber Matthias Rosenthal & Hans Gelke
Deep Transferable Representation Learning on the Edge for Organic Structures MT Bruno Zimmermann Hans Gelke
Adaptive Neural Networks on realtime Embedded Systems MT Raphael Zingg Matthias Rosenthal
Consolidating IoT Firmware Architectures with Zephyr MT Benjamin Häring Andreas Rüst
Wireless Computer Mouse powered with Harvested Energy MT Michel De Vittori Marcel Meli


Theme Typ Candidate Contact
HW/SW Security Lösung für PROFINET Real-Time Kommunikation MT Thomas Müller Hans Doran
Energy harvesting in the building based on radiations of power cables MT Cornel Brülisauer Marcel Meli
Energy Harvesting basierte Überwachung für Transport und Logistik MT Daniel Rieben Juan Gruber
Embedded Real Time Cluster MT Rico Ganahl Matthias Rosenthal
Harvesting Energy from trees in order to power novel wireless embedded systems MT Lukas Hegetschweiler Marcel Meli


Theme Typ Candidate Contact
The Potential of FM/RDS in IoT Applications MT Philipp Bachmann Marcel Meli


Theme Typ Candidate Contact
Intelligent Video Front End Processing with 4K Resolution MT Matthias Frei Hans Gelke
Energy Harvesting Wireless Sensor Platform for Fright Train Monitoring MT Lukas Gisin Juan Gruber


Theme Typ Candidate Contact
Wireless Body Network with Energy Harvesting VT2 Lukas Gisin Hans Doran
Regelung von Systemen mit Reibungseffekten VT2 Erhard Gwerder Hans Doran
Restoration of Delaminated and Cracked recordings using Synthetic Depth of Field MT Simon Marti Hans Doran
Localised Navigation of a Service Robot down a Corridor MT Erhard Gwerder Hans Doran
Low-Power Wireless Sensors Network based on DCF77 Synchronization MT Dominic Ast Andreas Rüst
RF-Perception: Führung eines Roboterarms durch RFID-Tags VT2 Simon Marti Hans Doran


Theme Typ Candidate Contact
PTP Time Synchronization - Validation and Verification of Synchronization
Accuracy on Etzel
VT2 Tobias Kammacher Hans Gelke
PTP Time Synchronization - Implementation of Time Synchronization on Etzel VT2 Armin Weiss Hans Gelke
Vermaschte drahtlose Sensornetzwerke mit extrem tiefem Energieverbrauch VT2 Dominic Ast Andreas Rüst
Investigation of the Benefits of FRAM in Hearing Aids Applications VT2 Giona Imperatori Marcel Meli
Improvements and Debugging for Tesinet VT1 Tobias Kammacher Hans Gelke
Regression Test Environment for a high Definition Video and Audio Streaming
Application over Ethernet
MT Rolf Lussi Hans Gelke
Sigrid Node Device - Demonstrator Software Development VT1 Armin Weiss Hans Gelke
6LoWPAN Node based on the XMOS Architecture MT Christian Schlittler Marcel Meli
UWB Channel Link VT2 Rolf Lussi Hans Gelke


Theme Typ Candidate Contact
Rioxo Audio Stream VT1 Rolf Lussi Hans Gelke
Enhancement of Restoring cracked Records MT Silvan Fischer Hans Doran
Implementation of a 6LoWPAN using an XMOS Multicore Processor VT2 Christian Schlittler Marcel Meli
An innovative Robot Motion Planning Approach for real time Adaptation MT Kean Mariotti Hans Doran
IS-IS Performance Analysis MT Michael Zingg Hans Weibel
Synchronization of Multiple Video and Audio Streams using PTP MT Sascha Montellese Hans Gelke
Ein System zum Monitoring des dynamischen Arbeitsraumes eines Roboterarms VT1 Simon Marti Hans Doran
FPGA Implementation of an IO Link Tester VT2 Silvan Fischer Hans Doran


Theme Typ Candidate Contact
Testbed für IEEE-1588-Slaves VT2 Michael Zingg Hans Weibel
Concept of a time Synchronization System for High Definition Video over
VT2 Sascha Montellese Hans Gelke
Power Node: A Universal Ethernet Powerlink Node for common Embedded
VT2 Kean Mariotti Hans Doran
Personensicherer Betrieb von Robotern ohne konventionelle
MT Samuel Casa Hans Doran
Webbasierte Steuerung für ein HD Multimedia System VT1 Sascha Montellese Hans Gelke
Implementierung einer HSR-RedBox für Gigabit Ethernet auf einem Altera
Cyclone IV
MT Alfred Gemperli Hans Weibel
Examining the Feasibility of Implementing a RTE Switch on the XMOS
VT1 Kean Mariotti Hans Doran

2011 and earlier

Theme Typ Candidate Contact
Emulation of RFID cards for production Environment MT Olivier Rion Marcel Meli
Produktfamilien von Embedded Systemen - Erweiterung des DEC Tool MT Grischa Rutishauser Hugo Fierz
Implementation of HDCP Encryption for transmitting HD Video Content
over Internet Protocol
MT Lukas Itin Hans Gelke
Übertragung von Information über einen optionalen Kommunikationskanal VT2 Samuel Casa Hans Doran
Tool-basierte Scheduling Spezifikation für Embedded Hard Real-Time
VT2 Grischa Rutishauser Hugo Fierz
Simulation OMNeT++ VT2 Alfred Gemperli Hans Weibel
Demonstrator for Zooming ADC, Software VT2 Olivier Rion Marcel Meli
Multi-Channel Sniffer for Bluetooth Low Energy MT Remo Ritzmann Marcel Meli
Optimierung der Signalverarbeitung für bildgebenden Sensor in der
MT Arrigoni Giacomo Hans Gelke
Zooming ADC VT1 Olivier Rion Marcel Meli
High Definition Content Protection VT2 Lukas Itin Hans Gelke
Videosignalverarbeitung mit FPGA VT2 Arrigoni Giacomo Hans Gelke
Very Low Power Microcontroller VT2 Remo Ritzmann Marcel Meli
FPGA-IP Block für Avalon/AHB Bridge VT1 Arrigoni Giacomo Hans Gelke