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Birgitta Borghoff MA/MAS

Birgitta Borghoff

Birgitta Borghoff MA/MAS

ZHAW School of Applied Linguistics
Institute of Applied Media Studies
Theaterstrasse 15c
8400 Winterthur

+41 (0) 58 934 61 32

Work at ZHAW


Lecturer, researcher, consultant, coach and trainer in Organizational Communication and Public Spheres, Institute for Applied Media Studies

Professional development teaching

MAS Communication Management and Leadership

Education and Continuing education

Expertise and research interests

Storytelling and Design
/ Entrepreneurial, Corporate, Public Storytelling and Discourse
/ Design practice for and in communication professions

Strategic Management and Public Governance
/ Organizational and Strategic Communication
/ Business Modeling and Entrepreneurial Communication
/ Creative Entrepreneurship and Startup
/ Agile Self-management, Self-marketing and Networking
/ Project and Event Management
/ Holistic Life Coaching and Consulting for Personality and Potential Development

/ Discourse, narration and storytelling analyses
/ Process and organizational analyses
/ Design practice: message, media, text, content, app, audience, user experience design; event, project, organization and strategy design, business model and entrepreneurial storytelling design, discourse design; further design thinking methods (settings: design labs, creative workshops, etc.)

Establishment and development of the R&D network platform "Entrepreneurial Storytelling

Conference Organization Winterthur Urban Forum (27.-29.11.2014):
International and interdisciplinary conference of the ZHAW
on the 750th anniversary of the city of Winterthur

Professional milestones

2014: Awarded the FGF Cultural Entrepreneurship Award in the category "Best Cultural Entrepreneurship Project" / Music Festival INNOVANTIQUA "goes shopping...". / 18th Interdisciplinary Entrepreneurship Annual Conference (G-Forum) / 13.11.2014 in Oldenburg

since 2023: Growth Coach at ZHAW entrepreneurship
since 2023: Lecturer for Storytelliing, CAS Impact Management in NPO, Center for Philanthropy Studies, University of Basel
since 2021: Member of the Board of Trustees Sulzberg Foundation
since 2021: Member of the Board of the ZHAW Sustainable Impact Program SIP
since 2021: Lecturer and Head of the module "Narrating Entrepreneurship", MSc. Business Administration, Major Innovation and Entrepreneurship, ZHAW School of Management and Law
since 2020: Lecturer for Storytelling & Pitching, Coach and Jury member at the semi-final of the ZHAW Startup Challenge
since 2018: Member of the jury for final pitches in CAS Business Modeling and Transformation
and CAS Innovation & Leadership, ZHAW Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (IIE)
since 2016: Senior Researcher, Lecturer, Consultant and Trainer, ZHAW Institute for Applied Media Studies
since 2013: founder and managing director, brückenwege. soul art. creative flow. entrepreneurial spirit. Winterthur
since 2005: cultural and creative entrepreneur, managing director INNOVANTIQUA Cultural Entrepreneurs

05/2019-03/2021: Member of the ZHAW Mittelbau Commission (MiKo-ZHAW) and Delegate of the University Assembly (HSV) at the ZHAW
03/2017-02/2021: Member of the Mittelbau Commission (MiKo-L) at the ZHAW School of Applied Linguistics
2019: Lecturer and Consultant for Communication/Storytelling (StoryLab) and Member of the jury, Z-Kubator Academy "Do-Tank for Your Project Ideas", ZHdK
2015-2016: Kommunikationsverantwortliche, ZHAW Zentrum für Kulturmanagement
2015-2016: Communications Manager, ZHAW Center for Arts Management
2014-2016: Freelance correspondent, Kultur Management Network Germany and Switzerland
2014-2016: Lecturer for "Integral Leadership & Cultural-Creative Leadership", CAS Strategies of Social Competence, FHNW
2007-2017: Lecturer for Cultural Entrepreneurship, Business Modeling & Start-up; Research Associate and Project Manager, ZHAW Center for Arts Management
2008-2013: Head of the Swiss Editorial Office/Office, KM Kulturmanagement Network GmbH
2007-2012: Director of Studies MAS Arts Management and Lecturer, ZHAW Center for Arts Management
2007: Head of Culture & Events Department, Access - bridge to work Association, Zurich
2003-2006: Manager Network and Administration, LUCERNE FESTIVAL ACADEMY
2002-2003: Orchestra Manager and Founder, Zurich Airport Orchestra
2002-2003: Manager Research and Network Development, Unique (Flughafen Zürich AG)
2001-2002: Portfolio Manager, Atraxis AG (formerly subsidiary SR Group)

Continuing Education

Continuing Education Course Prompt Lab: Generative AI in university teaching
11 / 2023

Membership of networks


FGF Cultural Entrepreneurship Award in the category "Best Cultural Entrepreneurship Project"
FGF Förderkreis Gründungs- Forschung e.V.
11 / 2014

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