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Prof. Dr. Thomas Keller

Prof. Dr. Thomas Keller

Prof. Dr. Thomas Keller

ZHAW School of Management and Law
Institute of Business Information Technology
Theaterstrasse 17
8400 Winterthur

+41 (0) 58 934 78 61

Work at ZHAW

Position at the ZHAW

Professor of Business Information Systems

Education and Continuing education

Expertise and research interests

Business Process Modelling, Automation and Integration
Mixed Reality Applications
Blockchain Case Studies
Digital Lives - at the edge of singularity

Professional milestones

Thomas Keller (Orc-Id: 0000-0002-8100-6900) studied electrical engineering at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) Zurich between 1987 and 1993. He completed a one-year traineeship at ABB Switzerland, after which he went to work for the former ABB Transportation Systems AG in Zurich. From 1993 he was responsible for setting up and realizing a hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulator for the propulsion system of rail vehicles. In the two follow-up companies, Adtranz and Bombardier Transportation, Thomas Keller was responsible for setting up a global engineering environment across the group for the calculation and electrical design of rail vehicles and drives, for the final years until 2003 as head of their global center of excellence for drive systems and the calculation of vehicle dynamics.
At the same time, he successfully completed a degree program in information technology at Zurich University, where he also obtained his Ph.D. Thomas Keller is an expert in the definition of complex tool systems, business process automation and emerging technologies.
Since 2003, he has been a senior lecturer at the ZHAW School of Management and Law, since 2007 as a professor of information technology. From 2008 till end of 2015 he acted as the head of the Institute he built up by setting up an R&D division and a service division with a focus on business process management and business intelligence.
He has developed both BSc and MSc degree programs in Business Information Systems and set up an MAS Business Information Systems and Business Analysis.
His field of expertise is business process management, modeling and automation, the application of new technologies, e.g., mixed reality, blockchain, in enterpreneurial contexts and scenarios about our future digital lives.

Educational background

MSc in electrical engineering ETH, 1993
MSc in computer science UZH, 2002
PHD in business information management UZH, 2008

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Publications before appointment at the ZHAW

Older Publications
1. Terwiesch, Peter; Scheiben, Erich; Petersen, Anders J.; Keller, Thomas, in: O. Maler (ed.), Hybrid and real-time systems, Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Science, pp. 199-210, 1997.
2. Keller et al, in EPE '97 Proceedings, Digital Real-Time Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation for Rail Vehicles: A Case Study, 1997
3. Keller, Thomas, in Eurosim '98 Proceedings, Realtime Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulations at Adtranz, 1998
4. Keller, Thomas; Scheiben, Erich, in dSpace Anwenderkonferenz, Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulationen at Adtranz, 1998
5. Terwiesch, Peter; Keller, Thomas; Scheiben, Erich, in IEEE Transaction on control systems technology, Vol. 7, No. 3, May 1999
6. Keller, Thomas; Tanner, Ronald, in EEMODS'02 Proceedings, Supporting the efficient and effective Reduction of Energy Consumption in electrical Drives

Other publications

Orc-Id: 0000-0002-8100-6900