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Experience the Consequences of Affective Computing - Immersive Science Fiction Prototyping for Responsible Innovation

At a glance


Since future applications and consequences of Affective Computing are still vague and hard to imagine, we rely on Science Fiction (ScFi) Prototyping as a central method for our communication concept.

A SciFi Prototype allows the target group, adolescents and young adults, to experience a fictional future life with affective Conversational Agents. To encourage thinking in alternatives, the SciFi Prototype is designed as a multilinear story that demands decisions between different manifestations of Affective Computing. Immersive Virtual Reality (VR) forces the audience to leave the position of an emotionally distanced observer. The resulting Immersive SciFi Prototype enables a multisensory experience that stimulates a rich discourse with us scientists on Affective Computing.

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