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Dr. Anne Catherine Gieshoff

Dr. Anne Catherine Gieshoff

Dr. Anne Catherine Gieshoff

ZHAW School of Applied Linguistics
Institute of Translation and Interpreting
Theaterstrasse 15c
8400 Winterthur

+41 (0) 58 934 62 43

Work at ZHAW

Position at the ZHAW

Reseach associate

Education and Continuing education

Expertise and research interests

Cognitive load in interpreting and methods to measure cognitive load
Visuel input and remote interpreting
Psychophysiological methods in interpreting studies
Mixed methods
Linear and generalized mixed models

Professional milestones

Project management for cross-border projects, Trinational Eurodistrict of Basel, 09/2013-12/2019
Freelance translator and conference interpreter, 11/2013-12/2018
Trainee in translation, Wohanka&Obermeier, 05/2013-08/2013
Student assistant, University of Mainz, 04/2012-03/2013
Intern, Eurodistrikt PAMINA, 02/2011-04/2011

Educational background

Phd in interpreting science (summa cum laude), University of Mainz, 2014-2018
Language school "Nederlands taal en cultuur", Ghent (Belgium), 2011
M.A. Conference Interpreting, University of Mainz, 2010-2013
Study abroad, Université catholique de l'ouest in Angers (France), 09/2009-02/2010
B.A. Translation, Language and Culture, University of Mainz, 10/2005-09/2007

Membership of networks



Articles in scientific journal, peer-reviewed
Conference contributions, peer-reviewed
Oral conference contributions and abstracts

Publications before appointment at the ZHAW

Publications before appointement at the ZHAW
Gieshoff, A. (2018): The impact of audio-visual speech on work-load in
simultaneous interpreting (Doctoral dissertation), Universität, Mainz,
Germany, urn:nbn:de:hebis:77-diss-1000021830.
Gieshoff, A. (2017): ”Audiovisual speech decreases the number of cognate
translations in simultaneous interpreting”. In: S. Hansen-Schirra,
O. Czulo, B. Meyer & S. Hoffmann (ed.). Empirical modelling of translation
and interpreting , 313-330. Berlin: Language Science Press.
Gieshoff, A. (2013): ”Assembler, Executive, Formulator. Die Relevanz
von Settons Modell für das Konsekutivdolmetschen”. In: D.
Andres, M. Behr, M. Dingfelder-Stone (ed.). Dolmetschmodelle – erfasst,
erläutert, erweitert , 105-128. Frankfurt a. M.: Peter Lang.

Talks and Posters
Gieshoff, A. (2019): The impact of audio-visual speech input on work-load
in simultaneous interpreting (Presentation). 2nd International Congress
on Translation, Interpreting and Cognition, Germersheim, Germany.
Gieshoff, A. (2018): Sustainable urban planning in a cross-border context:
A case study (Presentation). 10th International Conference on sustainable
development and planning, Siena, Italy
Gieshoff, A. (2018): Urban planning in a cross-border context: A case study.
(Presentation). 2nd Conference of the Association on Borderlands studies,
Viena, Austria
Gieshoff, A. (2016): Does audiovisual speech reduce cognitive load in simultaneous
interpreting? (Presentation). Scandinavian Workshop on Applied
Eye Tracking, Turku, Finland.
Gieshoff, A. (2015): Pupil Dilation measured during Simultaneous Interpreting:
Cognitive Load or Mental Effort? (Presentation). Translation in
Transition. Germersheim, Germany.
Gieshoff, A. (2014): Visual Input and Mental Effort in Simultaneous Interpreting
(Presentation). International Conference on Eyetracking and Applied
Linguistics, Warsaw, Poland.
Gieshoff, A. (2014): Do Interpreters need to see the speaker’s lips? (Poster).
Experimental Psycholinguistics Conference, Madrid, Spain.