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Institute of Occupational Therapy

«We train and continue to educate occupational therapists and are active in research with the aim of supporting people with problems in their everyday life and of promoting their participation in society.»

Christiane Mentrup, Head of the Institute of Occupational Therapy

Getting up, dressing yourself, eating, communicating – what if everyday activities are no longer self-evident? What when doing becomes a problem?

Studying for a degree

The Institute of Occupational Therapy offers an internationally recognised, scientifically sound and practice-oriented bachelor degree programme as well as an international master degree programme immediately following completion of the undergraduate programme.

Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy

The full-time study programme takes three years to complete for a Bachelor of Science ZHF in Occupational Therapy at the University of Applied Sciences. Graduates will be able to perform the versatile profession-specific roles in occupational therapy competently and responsibly. The study programme prepares students in the best possible way for a career as an occupational therapist in a versatile and varied work environment in acute or long-term rehabilitation, as well as in prevention and health promotion.

European Master of Science in Occupational Therapy

The Institute of Occupational Therapy, together with four prestigious European universities of applied sciences, offers a European MSc in Occupational Therapy in English. During the international training programme, you will develop an in-depth understanding of the key elements in occupational therapy: human activity in its context. It is a part-time study course that allows for a part-time occupation.

The European MSc in Occupational Therapy is the only one of its kind in Switzerland and was approved by the Federal Council (the Federal Department of Economic Affairs, Education and Research EAER) in 2013. Several times, it was awarded top marks by the Accreditation Institute of the Netherlands.

Continuing education

Modular course

The continuing education programmes at the Institute of Occupational Therapy are based on the modular system:

The great advantage of this modular system is that it offers candidates maximum freedom of choice.


The Occupational Therapy Research Unit prioritises projects that enable people with restricted abilities to achieve more autonomy and participation in self-sufficiency, education, work, leisure and social life. Key research subjects are Quality assurance and the development of services in occupational therapy, the development and evaluation of new products, technologies and therapeutic services as well as research of environmental influences on the participation of people with disabilities.

Our team consists of highly skilled experts in Occupational Therapy, Medical Education, Health Sociology, Health Promotion and Quality Development in the Healthcare System with a proven record of broad experience in practice, research and teaching as well as international and interdisciplinary cooperation.

About us

The Institute of Occupational Therapy is the only provider of academic training in occupational therapy in German-speaking Switzerland.

Institute of Occupational Therapy: At a glance

Number of employees: 53 (34 full-time equivalent)

Number of enrolled BSc students: 90 per year

Number of enrolled MSc students: 12 per year

Continuing education courses offered: 1 Master of Advanced Studies (MAS)/19 Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS)/various continuing education courses

Research projects in progress: 17

Number of clinical placements per year: 270

Objectives and vision

Within our areas of activity we create the prerequisites for an optimal provision of occupational therapy services by working on topics such as social participation and optimization of the quality of life.

We cover the need for training places in occupational therapy at bachelor and master level. Our continuing education programmes are coordinated with the Swiss Association of Occupational Therapists. The Institute of Occupational Therapy has a very good reputation for its courses in applied research, both at home and abroad.

In all our areas of activity we engage in a dialogue with our stakeholders who include our students, university, practice and research partners or investors and associations.

Specific needs are identified and analysed. With our services we create an obvious benefit based on dedicated, responsible and quality-oriented standards.

The Institute of Occupational Therapy engages in sustainable and profitable national and international partnerships and collaborations with health and education institutions, professional associations and economic institutions. We participate in discussion on relevant social and health policy challenges and place great emphasis on interprofessionality and innovation. We face today's and future challenges in the health and social system by professionalising and further developing occupational therapy.