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Discussion with young people about the corona pandemic

Background and aims

We want to put young people aged 15 to 34 at the heart of the COVIDisc study.
Our study will explore 1) how media in Switzerland report about the coronavirus pandemic in general and about young people specifically and 2) how young people themselves perceive the coronavirus situation and the media coverage. The following information refers to the second study part where we will ask young people these main questions:

Researchers explain what COVIDisc is all about

Methods and procedures

In a first step, we invite a random sample of young persons aged 15 to 34 and living in the Kanton of Zurich, Thurgau or Ticino to an online survey. The survey lasts about 25 minutes.

In a next step, we conduct an in depth online interview with a selection of survey respondents. The interview takes about 45 - 60 minutes, in which we have the chance to go into more detail about young people’s perceptions of the coronavirus pandemic. Finally, will invite some of the participants to provide testimonials, in written, audio or visual format, that can be shared in the final reporting of the study.


The main results of the study are published on this website (German).