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Life on campus

The ZHAW is centrally located, modern and unites five health professions under one roof.

Centrally situated campus on the urban Sulzerarea

The campus of the School of Health Sciences offers both a central location on the urban Sulzerarea just an eight minutes' walk from the main train station, as well as a modern infrastructure of the building on the Katharina-Sulzer-Platz 9 in Winterthur. Students have access to workstations and WLAN hotspots throughout the campus, and the canteens offer a varied and inexpensive catering.

University library

The ZHAW library in Winterthur was completed in 2014 and is now the largest library at a university of applied sciences in German-speaking Switzerland. The library is housed in the former Sulzer industrial building with its ten metre high factory hall and the old crane tracks still visible. Covering a floor space of over 6,000 square metres, it has become the new common home of the former five specialist libraries and shelves media items from the fields of architecture, health, linguistics, technology and economics. The university library is an independent building with a cafeteria, libraries and workplaces as well as a generous study environment on the top floor.

Student city Winterthur

Winterthur with its approximately 100,000 inhabitants is the sixth largest city in Switzerland. The many young people, some from the ZHAW, make the city a vibrant place at all times of the day. Winterthur features numerous clubs, restaurants, bars, theatres, museums and cinemas. It also regularly hosts multi-day live music events such as the Albanifest, an African music festival in spring, and the famous Winterthur Open Air Festival. Since 2020, the campus of the School of Health Siences is located on the Sulzer Area, where a new, urban district is being created with housing, parks, shops, bars and restaurants.