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About us

Our School of Health Sciences with 1,800 students (BSc and MSc) and more than 300 employees is one of Switzerland's largest and most prestigious centres for training and continuing education in healthcare professions.

Five healthcare professions under one roof

We offer comprehensive training and innovative research in the five professional fields of Occupational Therapy, Health Promotion and Prevention, Midwifery, Nursing and Physiotherapy under one roof, encouraging active interprofessional exchange between bachelor and master students. We have developed a wide range of interesting and specialised part-time continuing education opportunities, which open doors to new career prospects and opportunities for health professionals.

Research for use in practice

Research conducted at the research units of the five institutes at the School of Health Sciences aims to share knowledge and provide direct transfer of innovative developments into practice. Thanks to our excellent international network, interdisciplinary research projects can be implemented with partners at home and abroad.

International network

The School of Health Sciences maintains a variety of partnerships and links with practice partners in teaching and research at home and abroad. This gives both students and staff the opportunity to build a professional network and to gain valuable work experience at partner institutions around the world, whether it is through exchange visits, conferences, during clinical placements or academic semesters abroad, or by working on research projects abroad.

Principles we adhere to