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Physiotherapy for visually-impaired students

The study programmes in Physiotherapy at ZHAW are open to blind and visually impaired people.

The bachelor course at Zurich University of Applied Sciences in Winterthur takes three years of full-time study plus ten month for the additional module. Depending on the impairment, the student is eligible to apply for an extended study period (up to 20% of the normal study period).

Entry requirements

In addition to the formal admission requirements (Federal Vocational Baccalaureate or, Specialised Baccalaureate or a Baccalaureate) the bachelor degree programme in Physiotherapy assumes high social and communication skills, good analytical skills, a strong sense of movement and manual dexterity. Students must demonstrate a quick understanding, a lot of initiative and a certain sensitivity in handling people.

Furthermore, blind and visually-impaired students should have the following indispensable qualities:

  • very good computer skills, own notebook computer
  • mastering a mobile note-taking system that works for you in classroom teaching and appropriate learning strategies
  • high mobility and good spatial orientation, good imaginative power
  • reliable and straightforward dealing with own visual impairment
  • movement experience and good body sense
  • additional module A (preparatory clinical placement of at least 8 weeks); taster day of 8 hours in a medical practice that is run by visually impaired or blind physiotherapy practitioners.

Admission procedures

We recommend starting the preparations about one year before the desired entry date.

  • Candidates undergo an aptitude test at the Swiss Association for the Visually Impaired (SBHprofessional) in Basel. This assessment allows for a technical performance appraisal and provides information about the further preparatory measures required.
  • The subsequent regular selection procedure takes place at ZHAW, taking into account a compensation arrangement for the specific disadvantages.

Registration and deadlines

The dates of the regular information events for the Physiotherapy course can be found in the event notes.

  • the deadline for registration at Zurich University of Applied Sciences is mid-January
  • the aptitude tests take place in February/March (part 1 mid-February, part 2 beginning of March)
  • the submission deadline for the additional module A: end of August
  • studies commence in September