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International Affairs

«International Relations at the School of Health Professions has two main goals: 1. Students and staff can act interculturally competent by learning this here at ZHAW or through a stay abroad 2. We are a strong international partner for teaching, research, and continuing education, which relies on cooperation with other strong international partners.»

Markus Melloh, Head International Affairs a.i.

Even those who prefer to stay at home are inevitably bound to meet people from other cultures in our globalised world of the 21st century – be it a work colleague, patient or a superior.

Internationalisation at the School of Health Professions means promoting an increase in international networking in teaching and research. Staff and students are encouraged to collect intercultural and linguistic experiences and acquire appropriate skills. We offer support to lecturers and researchers so that they can contribute their knowledge to professional dialogues on an international scale through participation at conferences and conventions.

Let the adventure begin

We are pleased that an increasing number of students and members of staff has sought the challenge of studying abroad in recent years. Our students have done clinical placements in Germany, Austria and France; our lecturers have given lectures in England, Sweden and Mongolia. Are you also interested in an overseas study visit? There are many opportunities open to you. We have agreements with partner schools in many countries: be it a clinical placement, a semester abroad or a summer school for students or participating in course organisation, work shadowing or attending conferences for members of staff, the possibilities and length of stay are equally numerous.

We are also active at home

Our contribution is not limited to active assistance for overseas study visits, but also includes a solid preparation. Our "Internationalization at Home" programme offers courses in intercultural communication for students or summer schools for our members of staff to improve their English language skills, lecture courses held by international lecturers and exchange weeks with international students.

The world visiting us

And last but not least, we warmly welcome our international and prospective students! We offer a wide range of courses from Bachelor and Master of Science programmes to tailor made courses in the further education programme. You can find more information on the websites of our four institutes! Perhaps you are not sure which course is right for you, we would be happy to advise you. I am certain that you will enjoy studying in our School of Health Professions and life in the city of Winterthur.

Brochure International Relations