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Dossiers on Specific Health Topics

Our research and development activities are content- and demand-oriented as well as interdisciplinary in nature. We compile special dossiers in which we summarise project and media reports on key research topics and list our experts on the respective topics.

Shortage of Skilled Workers in the Health Professions

The shortage of skilled workers in the health professions is a major challenge in providing quality health care for the Swiss population. Initiatives that contribute to the best possible use of human resources are urgently needed. New approaches are required to compete for health professionals and the best possible health care. The School of Health Professions conducts research on this and develops new care models.


Health of Children and Adolescents

Almost a quarter of the Swiss population is under the age of 20. Infants, children, and adolescents are particularly vulnerable groups of individuals with specific health care needs. The first years of life lay the foundation for physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing in adulthood. Health promotion and prevention, early detection, and early intervention, therefore, play a particularly important role in childhood and adolescence. The School of Health Professions conducts interdisciplinary research on the health of children and adolescents.

Work and Health

Biopsychological and social stress related to working life represents a major challenge for society. A number of our projects deal with issues related to this problem area. For example, we are investigating what health factors lead to individuals receiving social security benefits such as disability or early retirement pensions. Another topic area involves measures and interventions in workplace health promotion to reduce work-related health issues such as back pain or mental health problems.

New Technologies in Health Care

Smartphones, wearables, robotics, artificial intelligence, big data - new technologies have changed our lives significantly in recent years. Digitalisation, in particular, has permeated all areas of our everyday lives. But what opportunities and risks do technological innovations hold for health? And how can they be used sensibly in the health sector?

The five research units at the School of Health Professions are looking for practical answers to these questions. In close cooperation with partners from other disciplines, industry, and practice, they develop innovative high-tech devices for rehabilitation, explore the possibilities and limits of digitalisation, and use data to improve health care.

Geriatric Health

Switzerland is ageing rapidly. By 2045, the proportion of people over 65 in the total population will increase to 26.4 percent (2015:18 percent). Demographic change poses numerous challenges for society. The health care system is particularly affected: For example, the ageing of the population is accompanied by an increase in chronic diseases and a higher demand for skilled health care workers. With various research projects in geriatrics, the School of Health Professions is making its contribution to mastering the challenges of an ageing society.