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Movement analysis

The movement laboratory allows for a deeper analysis of movement and a better understanding of motor disorders.

Research, measure, develop and advise

We analyze movement sequences and muscle activity using state-of-the-art technology in our movement laboratory. This enables the precise detection of abnormalities, such as movement asymmetries or incorrect loading stresses. Simultaneously, we improve our understanding of how therapeutic aids and interventions, such as exoskeletons, robotics, orthoses, shoes or targeted training can affect movement and health. Our team are experts in physiotherapy and movement analysis. Together with our project partners, we work to close the gap between development and implementation. We understand both the concerns of patients, as well as the requirements of the medical professionals applying these new developments, thus benefitting our clinical partners, researchers, product developers in the medical technology industry and ultimately patients.

Our core competencies: 3D movement analysis and electromyography

3D movement analysis positions reflective markers at specific points on the body. The markers are registered by infrared cameras in the laboratory and, using biomechanical models, we generate 3D movement data. We also have the capability to perform electromyography measurements through the attachment of electrodes to the skin.
In this way, we can:


Our equipment

Our movement laboratory is equipped with both stationary and mobile measuring devices:

  • Force plates and twelve infrared cameras for 3D motion analysis
  • Wireless surface electromyography for measuring muscle activity
  • Mobile sensors for movement analysis
  • Mobile gait carpet to determine spatio-temporal gait parameters
  • Mobile equipment to record physical activity in everyday life

Current reference projects

Together with our partners from research, clinics and industry, we are working on a range of projects. Here is a selection:

MoveD: Open Research Data in Swiss Movement Laboratories

Motion analysis is used in various disciplines: for clinical decision-making, in rehabilitation or during the development of new medical devices. Different measurement systems can be used. The aim of MoveD is to identify the challenges of publishing movement analysis data and to define guidelines based on this information. This will be done with the involvement of all movement laboratories in Switzerland.

ExerUP!: The design and evaluation of a digital solution based on an exergame for effective and engaging sport rehabilitation

This is an efficient and engaging sport rehabilitation approach involving the evaluation of a virtual reality exergame. Movement sequences performed during training are examined to see whether the training can be implemented as a sport rehabilitation. The results are incorporated into an exergame developed specifically for sport rehabilitation.

Open data on the normal human gait

Our movement laboratory has recorded standard gait data from 100 test persons. The standard data set is made use of in various research disciplines, for example, human movement and physiotherapy. The data are used for comparison in the analysis and evaluation of, for example, gait disorders such as dragging foot or insufficient knee flexion. The Institute of Physiotherapy has made the human gait standard data free to use on the Dataverse open data platform. As such, the institute is contributing to the Swiss universities Open Science initiative that supports open research data and open access to publications.

Reference Projects

Movement Laboratory Team

Our team is made up of physiotherapy and movement science professionals with broad experience in research, teaching and the provision of services.

Movement Laboratory team members

Person Function
Prof. Dr. Eveline Graf Movement Scientist, Research Associate, Movement Laboratory Supervisor
Michelle Haas Movement Scientist, Reserach Assistant
Bettina Sommer Movement Scientist, Research Associate
Annika Zind Physiotherapist, Reserach Assistant

Movement analysis – our expertise – for your profit!

If you would like to test one of your product designs or measure the chances of success of your treatment approach applying movement analysis, for example, analysis of walking? We would be very happy to offer a personal consultation with custom solutions for your project.