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Proposal and Implementation of a Swiss Centre for Barrier-Free Communication

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Currently, research is required to standardise the approaches used and to ensure the provision of a high-quality service that meets the needs of users in respect of barrier-free communication. The planned national «Barrier-free Communication» competence centre aims to address these research gaps. Thanks to the collaboration with service providers, as well as organisations and representatives of the target group, research and practice are brought closer together. In addition, standardised training programmes are being designed for audio description, respeaking, transfer to easy-to-read and other special forms of translation. The Swiss multilingual context and the transfer of spoken Swiss-German dialects into standard German play an integral role in the process of establishing the centre. As a matter of course, these aims can only be achieved by a close collaboration with the target groups, their umbrella organisations as well as practice partners. Therefore, the competence centre is closely linked with multiple practice partners.

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