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Sustainable nutrition

The trilogy model links the 3 existing models database of protein-rich foods, the Food Chain Model and the Menu Sustainability Index in order to support decision makers to transform food systems towards more sustainability.

At a glance


The aim of this project is an interface between a database of protein-rich foods (DaPro), the Food Chain Model (FCM) and the Menu Sustainability Index (MNI) (for more details, please see the Further Information section below).

The interface creates synergies between the three tools by, on the one hand, avoiding duplication and, above all, increasing the meaningfulness of the three tools. The Food Chain Model can model entire food value chains with their impact on the environment and provides more precise information than a static database. The database of protein-rich foods serves as a comprehensive reference work on protein sources and the Menu Sustainability Index serves as a tool for menu evaluation. All three tools complement each other and can provide more accurate and reliable results in decision support for sustainable food value chains.

Further information