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Ecological Engineering Living Lab

Research at the interface to ecology, engineering and the user

Das Prinzip der geschlossenen Ressourcenkreisläufe im Ecological Engineering Living Lab

At a glance


How can circular systems save resources such as water and nutrients? What does research look like at the interface of ecology, engineering and the user?

The project "Ecological Engineering Living Lab" enables visitors to experience research on circular technologies and the circular economy on Campus Grüental. In the scope of guided and self-guided tours, visitors can discover the research facilities on campus and, at the same time, become part of the research. Thanks to the feedback from visitors, the technologies can be further developed according to the needs of the users.

The self-guided tour is based on an app and can be carried out at any time of the day and without prior registration. With virtual reality and personal insights into the research activities of the researchers, the app enables visitors to take a look behind the otherwise locked doors of the greenhouses on Campus Grüental, straight into the heart of the research facilities. The same can be experienced in a guided tour for school classes and interested groups. With the aim of closely linking research with education, the guided tours are guided by students. Furthermore, an E-learning on the individual topics is being developed for the use in lectures.

All activities are developed for these six main research topics:

  • Circular washing machine "LaundReCycle"
  • Dry separating toilet and pyrolysis reactor
  • Urban farming and aquaponics
  • Sustainable fish farming in recirculating aquaculture systems
  • Microalgae and the photobioreactor
  • Food waste