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Dr. Hans-Joachim Nägele

Dr. Hans-Joachim Nägele

Dr. Hans-Joachim Nägele

ZHAW School of Life Sciences and Facility Management
Fachstelle Biokatalyse und Prozesstechnologie
Einsiedlerstrasse 29
8820 Wädenswil

+41 (0) 58 934 50 41

Work at ZHAW

Position at the ZHAW

Head, Environmental Biotechnologie Research Group
Projekt leader

Education and Continuing education

Expertise and research interests

Aerobic & anaerobic waste treatment / biogas / power-2-gas technologies / composting / agriculture / biomass management / biofuels / circular economy / biogas technology in emerging economies / bio-based fertilisers / research on practical scale

Professional milestones

Since 2018
Lecturer for Ennvironmental Biotechnology, Biomass & Bioenergy
ZHAW - University of Applied Sciences, Wädenswil, Switzerland

Post-Doc Position & Project leader
Universität Hohenheim

Berater im Ingenieurbüro Bierlein
Begleitung von Baumassnahmen für landwirtschaftlichen Gebäude und Biogasanlagen

Educational background

2008-2012 Doctoral thesis Dr. sc. agr.
Universität Hohenheim „Intensivmessprogramm Biogas

Master of Science Agrarökonomie - Humboldt Universität Berlin

Landwirtschaftsstudium, Auslandsemester - Royal Agricultural College - RAC Cirencester / England

Diplom in Agrarwissenschaften - Hochschule für angewandte Wissenschaften Nürtingen

Membership of networks

Biomasse Suisse - Schweizer Branchenverband für die sinnvolle Nutzung von Biomasse



Other publications

Publications before appointment at the ZHAW

Bierer, B, Kress, P, Nägele, H-J, Lemmer, A, Palzer, S. Investigating flexible feeding effects on the biogas quality in full-scale anaerobic digestion by high resolution, photoacoustic-based NDIR sensing. Eng Life Sci. 2019; 19: 700– 710.

Bierer, B., Nägele, H., Perez, A.O., Wöllenstein, J., Kress, P., Lemmer, A. and Palzer, S. (2018), Real-Time Gas Quality Data for On-Demand Production of Biogas. Chem. Eng. Technol., 41: 696-701.

Philipp Kress, Hans-Joachim Nägele, Hans Oechsner, Stephan Ruile, Effect of agitation time on nutrient distribution in full-scale CSTR biogas digesters, Bioresource Technology, Volume 247, 2018, Pages 1-6, ISSN 0960-8524,

Anja Grohmann, Steffen Fehrmann, Yevhen Vainshtein, Nicola L. Haag, Franziska Wiese, Philip Stevens, Hans-Joachim Naegele, Hans Oechsner, Thomas Hartsch, Kai Sohn, Christian Grumaz, Microbiome dynamics and adaptation of expression signatures during methane production failure and process recovery, Bioresource Technology, Volume 247, 2018, Pages 347-356, ISSN 0960-8524,

Eric Mauky, Sören Weinrich, Hans-Fabian Jacobi, Hans-Joachim Nägele, Jan Liebetrau, Michael Nelles, Demand-driven biogas production by flexible feeding in full-scale – Process stability and flexibility potentials, Anaerobe, Volume 46, 2017, Pages 86-95, ISSN 1075-9964,

H.J. Nägele, J. Steinbrenner, G. Hermanns, V. Holstein, N.L. Haag, H. Oechsner, Innovative additives for chemical desulphurisation in biogas processes: A comparative study on iron compound products, Biochemical Engineering Journal, Volume 121, 2017, Pages 181-187, ISSN 1369-703X,

Haag, N.L., Grumaz, C., Wiese, F. et al. Advanced green biorefining: effects of ensiling treatments on lactic acid production, microbial activity and supplementary methane formation of grass and rye. Biomass Conv. Bioref. 6, 197–208 (2016).

Mauky, E., Weinrich, S., Nägele, H.-J., Jacobi, H.F., Liebetrau, J. and Nelles, M. (2016), Model Predictive Control for Demand-Driven Biogas Production in Full Scale. Chem. Eng. Technol., 39: 652-664.

Nicola Leonard Haag, Jörg Steinbrenner, Claudia Demmig, Hans-Joachim Nägele, Hans Oechsner, Influence on lactic acid content in maize silage variations by manganese supplementation, Industrial Crops and Products, Volume 79, 2016, Pages 146-151, ISSN 0926-6690,

Lucie Moeller, Frank Eismann, Daniel Wißmann, Hans-Joachim Nägele, Simon Zielonka, Roland A. Müller, Andreas Zehnsdorf, Innovative test method for the estimation of the foaming tendency of substrates for biogas plants; Waste Management, Volume 41, 2015, Pages 39-49, ISSN 0956-053X,

Nicola Leonard Haag, Hans-Joachim Nägele, Thomas Fritz, Hans Oechsner, Effects of ensiling treatments on lactic acid production and supplementary methane formation of maize and amaranth – An advanced green biorefining approach; Bioresource Technology, Volume 178, 2015, Pages 217-225, ISSN 0960-8524,

Multiposition Sensor Technology and Lance-Based Sampling for Improved Monitoring of the Liquid Phase in Biogas Processes; Erich Kielhorn, Sandra Sachse, Matthias Moench-Tegeder, Hans-Joachim Naegele, Christian Haelsig, Hans Oechsner, Winfried Vonau, Peter Neubauer, and Stefan Junne, Energy & Fuels 2015 29 (7), 4038-4045,

Nicola Leonard Haag, Hans-Joachim Nägele, Klaus Reiss, Andrea Biertümpfel, Hans Oechsner; Methane formation potential of cup plant (Silphium perfoliatum), Biomass and Bioenergy, Volume 75, 2015, Pages 126-133, ISSN 0961-9534,

Hans-Joachim Naegele, Matthias Mönch-Tegeder, Nicola Leonard Haag, Hans Oechsner; Effect of substrate pretreatment on particle size distribution in a full-scale research biogas plant, Bioresource Technology, Volume 172, 2014, Pages 396-402, ISSN 0960-8524,

Lemmer, A.; Naegele, H.-J.; Sondermann, J. How Efficient are Agitators in Biogas Digesters? Determination of the Efficiency of Submersible Motor Mixers and Incline Agitators by Measuring Nutrient Distribution in Full-Scale Agricultural Biogas Digesters. Energies 2013, 6, 6255-6273.

Naegele, H.-J.; Thomas, B.; Schrade, C.; Lemmer, A.; Oechsner, H.; Jungbluth, T. Influence of Maintenance Intervals on Performance and Emissions of a 192 kWel Biogas Gas Otto CHP Unit and Results of Lubricating Oil Quality Tests—Outcome from a Continuous Two-Year
Measuring Campaign. Energies 2013, 6, 2819-2839.

Naegele, Hans-Joachim & Lindner, Jonas & Merkle, Wolfgang & Lemmer, Andreas & Jungbluth, Thomas & Bogenrieder, Claus. (2013). Effects of temperature, pH and O2 on the removal of hydrogen sulfide from biogas by external biological desulfurization in a full scale fixed-bed trickling bioreactor (FBTB). International Journal of Agricultural and Biological Engineering. 6.

Naegele, H.-J.; Lemmer, A.; Oechsner, H.; Jungbluth, T. Electric Energy Consumption of the Full Scale Research Biogas Plant “Unterer Lindenhof”: Results of Longterm and Full Detail Measurements. Energies 2012, 5, 5198-5214.