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EuSARF 2021: International Conference of the European Scientific Association on Residential and Family Care for Children and Adolescents

The Perspective of the Child

The Perspective of the Child – EuSARF 2021 – Join the discussion!


Acknowledging and understanding the child's perspective have become core issues for the professional development of social work. The challenges and opportunities that arise from this fundamental task are the main theme of this renowned international online conference, highlighted by its programmatic title "The perspective of the child". This major international event is aimed at scientists, early career researchers, policy makers, managers and practitioners in the field of child and youth welfare. The EuSARF conference is the first international event of this size to be held online at the ZHAW, with a unique innovative format: In addition to the three-day live events with hybrid program elements, participants have access to a research-based online platform with numerous high-quality contributions for at least one year. In cooperation with the practice partners, PACH and Integras, appointed theme-scouts identify important topics from the live events and on the online platform to prepare them for an additional local event series that highlights their significance for local practice. This is the first time an online conference, far removed from traditional formats, was designed to explore sustainable options in these new ways.

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