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Cinema culture in schools

Project evaluation

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In 2009 the project “Kinokultur in der Schule” was launched with the aim to sensitize secondary school students for the film medium and to stimulate their interest in present-day Swiss film culture. To achieve this objective, teachers are provided with classroom materials on current Swiss film productions, which can be downloaded for free. In addition, the film distributors organize special showings during school days.
ZHAW conducted a first evaluation report in 2010 of various aspects of the project. The evaluation was based on a number of different methods: recording the number of downloads of the teaching materials from the website, conducting a document analysis of the website itself, and conducting a written survey of students and teachers on the use and quality of the classroom materials. A second evaluation was conducted in 2014/15 and a third evaluation is being conducted in 2018. The goal of the evaluation is to find out how teachers utilize the materials for promoting film culture and how students respond to the project. Based on the findings, conclusions will be drawn and recommendations made concerning continuation of the project.

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