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What does the Swiss population eat?

Characterization of food consumption, dietary patterns and lifestyle in the Swiss language regions

At a glance


MenuCH data will be analysed in order to assess cultural differences between language regions of Switzerland with respect to consumption, dietary patterns, and associated lifestyle factors. Differences in consumption of meat and meat products; milk and dairy; and beverages, will be compared to nutritional recommendations and evaluat-ed for evidence-based health benefits and risks. A case study will establish the feasibility of relating red and pro-cessed meat consumption with colorectal cancer. Data-driven dietary patterns of menuCH data will be generated, compared with established dietary patterns such as a Mediterranean Diet or the Healthy Eating Index, and related to regional variations in prevalence/mortality of chronic non-communicable disease. Dietary information from Swiss Health Survey will be validated with corresponding menuCH data for food and beverage intake and by comparing associations between anthropometric parameters and dietary patterns with socioeconom-ic/demographic factors.