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FAQ student exchange incomings

Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions in connection with a guest study programme in Wädenswil.

Who can participate in a student exchange?

We welcome students, who are enrolled at their home universities for the whole duration of the intended stay, and who have been nominated by their International Office.

When can I complete a student exchange during my studies?

From the third semester on.

What is the minimal duration for a student exchange?

The minimal duration for student mobilities for studies (SMS) as well as student mobilities for traineeships (SMT) is two months.

How long can a student exchange last for?

Student mobilities can be completed during each study cycle (Bachelor’s/Master’s) for a maximum duration of twelve months.

What are the language requirements for a student exchange?

Each student is required to hold at least a B2 language level (either Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) or equivalent language certificate) in the respective course language (English or German).

What exchange options does the ZHAW LSFM offer?

You can find an overview of our exchange options here.

What is the difference between Student Mobilities for Studies (SMS) and Student Mobilities for Traineeships (SMT)?

During an SMS, students complete a mobility abroad for study purposes and attends courses and/or modules. An SMT is a student mobility, during which the theoretical knowledge from the studies is put into practice, for example by writing a bachelor’s or master’s thesis.

What is the procedure if I am interested in a student exchange?

Please have a look at our website for incoming students to read more about the application procedure.

How does a nomination work?

If you want to complete a student exchange, your home university has to officially nominate you. Nominations are to be sent to:

When is the nomination deadline at the ZHAW LSFM?

How can I register for a student exchange?

After you have been nominated by your home university, the International Office (IO) of the ZHAW LSFM will send you the registration link for your application.

Who can I contact, if I have any questions?

If you have any administrative questions regarding your exchange, please contact the International Office (IO): For specialist advice such as module choice and content please contact our mobility officers.

What is Mobility Online?

This is the online tool the whole ZHAW uses for the registration and administration of student mobilities.

What is the Mobility Online workflow?

When we talk about the workflow, we mean the mandatory steps in your Mobility Online that have to be completed during your exchange.

What do I need a Learning Agreement (LA) for?

The LA acts as the performance agreement between the student, the home university and the ZHAW LSFM. In case of an SMS, the chosen courses and corresponding ECTS have to be listed in the LA, in case of an SMT the contents and goals of the exchange programme.

What are Learning Agreement Changes?

Students have the possibility to cancel courses or add new ones up to three weeks after the start of the semester. These changes have to be submitted via the Learning Agreement Changes document and approved by the home university.

How many ECTS (credit points) will I be awarded?

If students fulfil the academic or other requirements that have been agreed on, they will receive the ECTS stated in the Learning Agreement.

What is the Swiss-European Mobility Programme (SEMP)?

SEMP is the Swiss interim solution for Erasmus+ and enables student (and staff) exchanges between Swiss universities and their partners within the EU. Switzerland supports SEMP exchange activities financially in the form of grants.

What are SEMP grants?

They are a financial contribution towards covering additional costs that are caused due to the student exchange.

When are the SEMP grants paid?

They are paid in two instalments – the first one within four weeks after the start of the semester and the second one after all of the mandatory SEMP documents have been completed and submitted.

What is the regulation regarding the SEMP grants?

Students who complete an SMS receive a fixed rate of five monthly grant payments (one semester) or ten monthly grant payments (two semesters). For SMT, grant payments are calculated on the basis of the actual number of months the student stays in Switzerland.

What are SEMP required documents?

In order for a SEMP student exchange to qualify for recognition as such, students have to fill in and submit various required documents, such as the Learning Agreement, the Grant Agreement, the Final Report and the Experience Report.

What is a Transcript of Records (ToR) and when will I receive it?

Six weeks after completing the exams, students receive their Transcript of Records (ToR), which indicates their grades and acquired credits (ECTS). The ToR will be sent by e-mail.

What is the "course duration"?

The scheduled teaching weeks without exams.