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The Bachelor programmes at the ZHAW Life Sciences and Facility Management

The Bachelor programmes in Life Sciences or Facility Management are modern, exciting and practical. It is the perfect preparation for your professional future.

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At the ZHAW in Wädenswil you learn for the future: The Bachelor of Science degree programme leads to professional qualification and imparts practice-oriented specialist knowledge, general education and work methodology. The full-time programme lasts six semesters. Part-time study is possible. The degree programme prepares you practically for the challenges in the industries of the future and provides up-to-date and sound knowledge about nutrition, health, society and the environment.

The bachelor programmes

Biomedical Laboratory Diagnostics

A course of study that is unique in Switzerland. At the interface of biomedicine, laboratory analytics, new digital possibilities and patient welfare, it meets the growing demands on diagnostics and therapy. The Bachelor's degree qualifies you to practice the profession of biomedical laboratory diagnostics. With professional experience and appropriate further training, you will then take on tasks in management, education and research. Further training options include, for example, a Master's degree in Germany or abroad.

Detailed information about the Bachelor in Biomedical Laboratory Diagnostics


The bachelor's degree programme in biotechnology combines biological, medical and technical sciences. You learn to use findings from biology and biochemistry and to use technical processes to produce new substances for industrial products or medicines and to analyse them. As a biotechnologist, you will work in various fields such as food, detergents or in the health sector.

Detailed information about the Bachelor in Biotechnology


The bachelor's degree programme in chemistry is career-qualifying and provides you with a broad theoretical and practical education in chemistry, life sciences and chemical engineering technology with mathematics and physics as a foundation. As a chemist, you will deal with the structure, properties and transformation of substances. You develop, synthesise and analyse a wide variety of substances, taking into account economic efficiency, safety and environmental protection.

Detailed information about the Bachelor in Chemistry

Facility Management

In the bachelor's degree programme Facility Management, you will acquire the necessary knowledge to manage real estate and facilities economically and sustainably. In addition, you will acquire skills in the optimisation of building systems with the structural infrastructure and use, in the design of all-round supportive workplaces as well as in the development, organisation and realisation of innovative services and events. You will also learn business management methods, competent team leadership and interdisciplinary work.

Detailed information about the Bachelor in Facility Management

Food Technology

The bachelor's degree programme in Food Technology combines natural sciences with food-specific, nutritional, technical, ecological and business management knowledge. You will learn to analyse customer needs, optimise processing procedures, develop new products, packaging and production facilities and test the quality of food.

Detailed information about the Bachelor in Food Technology

Natural Resource Sciences

In the Natural Resource Sciences degree programme, you will study in a practical way in the subject areas of environment, nature, renewable energies, organic agriculture, sustainable development, eco-technology, nature management and urban ecosystems. You solve interesting tasks in the field of tension between economic and social demands on the one hand and the requirements of precautionary land use and landscape development on the other.

Detailed information about the Bachelorin Natural Resource Sciences

The study at a glance

Title: ZFH Bachelor of Science in (field of study)
Workload: 180 credits (ECTS)
Duration: 6 semesters in full-time, part-time possible
Start: mid-September; one week earlier for all new 1st semester students
Tuition location: Wädenswil on Lake Zurich (20 km from Zurich)
Language of instruction: German, BSc Natural Resouces partly in English
Tuition fees: CHF 720.00 per semester + additional study related expenses
Postgraduate degrees: Master of Science in Life Sciences, Master of Science in Environment and Natural Resoures and Master of Science in Facility Management

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