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Bachelor's degree programmes

The Bachelor's programme in Life Sciences or Facility Management is modern, exciting and practical. It is the perfect preparation for your professional future.

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At a glance

Qualification: ZFH Bachelor of Science in (field of study)
Workload: 180 credits (ECTS)
Organisational form: Full-time, Part-time
Length: full-time 6 semesters, part-time study possible in agreement with the director of studies
Start: mid-September; one week earlier for all new 1st semester students
Tuition location: Wädenswil on Lake Zurich (20 km from Zurich)
Language of instruction: German, BSc Natural Resouces partly in English
Tuition fees: CHF 720.00 per semester + additional study related expenses
Postgraduate degrees: Master of Science in Life Sciences, Master of Science in Environment and Natural Resoures and Master of Science in Facility Management

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Why a bachelor's study?

Learn for the future: A Bachelor's degree in biotechnology, chemistry, food technology, environmental engineering or facility management prepares you in a practical way for challenges in the industries of the future and provides current, in-depth knowledge of nutrition, health, society and the environment.

Bachelor in Natural Resource Sciences

Are you interested in nature and the environment? Do you want to be involved in the responsible use of natural resources?

The programme offers five specialisations: Organic Agriculture and Horticulture, Environmental Systems and Sustainable Development, Renewable Energies and Ecological Engineering, Nature Management, Urban Ecosystems.

Bachelor in Food Technology

Are you interested in delicious, healthy, safe and sustainable food? Would you like to develop new products or processes? Do you enjoy performing scientific and technical experiments?

The programme offers three specialisations: Food Technology, Beverage Technology and Diet.

Bachelor in Biomedical laboratory diagnostics

A course that is unique in Switzerland. At the interface of biomedicine, laboratory analysis, new digital possibilities and patient well-being, it meets the growing demands on diagnostics and therapy.

NEW from autumn 2022; with a share of 25% internships.

Bachelor in Biotechnology

Are you interested in one of the key technologies of the future? Biotechnology combines knowledge from biology, medicine and engineering. Do you enjoy carrying out experiments to develop new products and innovative processes?

The programme offers you two specialisations: Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Technology.

Bachelor in Chemistry

Are you interested in the synthesis of entirely new molecules and substances? Would you like to help convict criminals using analytical methods? Do you want to know more about the building blocks of life and biochemistry? Do you want to contribute to a more sustainable world with green chemistry?

The programme offers you two specialisations: Chemistry and Biological Chemistry.

Bachelor in Facility Management

Are you interested in real estate and its sustainable use? Do you want to help shape the working environments of the future and take responsibility for customer-centric services?

The programme offers four specialisations: Real Estate, Building Systems, Workplace and Services & Events.