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Degree programmes, modules and specialist advisers

With seven Bachelor’s and four Master’s degree programmes, the ZHAW Life Sciences and Facility Management has something for all interested incoming students.

Below, you will find all of our degree programmes that offer English modules at a glance. If you have any technical or content-related questions, you are welcome to contact the respective specialist adviser directly. In case of organisational issues, please get in touch with the International Office:

In some of the following programmes, English modules are only offered to some extent and during certain semesters, so please keep an eye out for the indicated notes.


Degree programme information Study contents Specialist advice
Bachelor in Applied Digital Life Sciences
Note: English from 4th semester onwards,
exchange possible from spring 2024
All modules
Bachelor in Food Technology English modules Melanie Hindermann
Bachelor in Natural Resource Sciences
Note: English modules only during spring,
please contact IO for further information.
English modules


If you are choosing modules in the Master in Life Sciences, please make us of their Annual Plan in order to find out which modules are offered when specifically and avoid any overlaps.

Degree programme
Study contents Specialist advice
Master of Science in Life Sciences Modules Applied Computational Life Scienes
Modules Chemistry for the Life Sciences
Modules Food and Beverage Innovation
Modules Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
Master of Science in Preneurship
for Regenerative Food Systems

Note: Mainly in English, some German modules
All modules
Master of Science in Real Estate
und Facility Management

Note: 30 credits in English overall
All modules
English modules
Daniel von Felten
Master of Science in Environment and Natural Resources
Note: 1st semester in German, 2nd semester in English
All modules
English modules (grey dot)