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Master's degree programmes

Study at the cutting edge of science, with a strong awareness of society's most pressing concerns. With your Master's thesis, you will contribute to addressing the challenges of our time and become a sought-after professional, entrusted with managerial responsibilities.

The application deadline for the start of studies in autumn 2021 has been extended to 30 June 2021.

Why a master's study?

The consecutive Master's degrees in Life Sciences, Facility Management or Environment and Natural Resources prepare you for demanding professional or managerial positions. Master's graduates are highly sought after and provide essential expertise. You can specialise in a subject area, work on research projects and improve your scientific methods and skills.

Paul Schmitter: What is the future role of Facility Management?

Specialisation Applied Computational Life Sciences

Specialisation Chemistry for the Life Sciences

Specialisation Food and Beverage Innovation

Specialisation Pharmaceutical Biotechnology