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LEMIG II - Analysis of green waste 2022/23

Food waste and foreign matter in Swiss green waste

Delivery of municipal green waste to a green waste recycling plant.

At a glance


Since 2012, there have been increasing activities in Switzerland, both at the research level and in the context of legislation and implementation, to quantify waste that arises along the food chain and to introduce measures to avoid or recycle it.

The FOEN is striving to create a reliable and uniform database along the entire food chain, i.e. from the primary producer through processing, storage and distribution to consumption, and to update this regularly. In addition, it has the mandate to ensure that green waste for composting and fermentation is not too polluted.

Between 2014 and 2017, corresponding studies were carried out and basic data collected at the levels of agricultural production, industrial processing, retail trade and gastronomy. At the consumer and private household level, the main producers of food waste, the composition of the separately collected green waste, including the fractions of food waste and foreign matter, was collected for the first time in 2018.

To obtain an overall picture of municipal waste in Switzerland and to check the success of measures against food waste, the composition of separately collected green waste was analyzed for the second time in autumn 2022 and spring 2023.

  • Analysis of the composition of separately collected green waste from Swiss households
  • Analysis and assessment of the content of avoidable and non-avoidable food waste
  • Analysis and assessment of the content of plastics and other foreign substances
  • Analysis of the development over time

Open Data and Downloads