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CarNe – Carbon Negative Biochar-based Building Insulation Materials

Materials life-cycle: Recycling process based on pyrolysis of bio-based materials to create novel, sustainable negative carbon building materials.

At a glance


This research project proposes the development of bio-based, carbon negative building insulation material building upon a successful previous feasibility study. The material development is based on the use of organic waste material which is further processed using natural binders and a subsequent carbonization step. Beyond the mere tuning and upscaling of the insulation material to macro-scale insulation boards the project systematically screens for potential raw materials, evaluating their availability as well as eventual competition with other uses. Further, a full cradle-to-grave analysis of the insulation material is being performed, identifying the carbon dioxide removal potential along with the environmental impact with reference to standard fossil-based insulation materials. Research is carried out in an interdisciplinary team including experts in the domain of building application, material science, chemistry and life cycle assessment.