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Integration in the neighbourhood through sustainability projects (IQN)

Promotion of social integration in the neighbourhood through participatory and digital approaches in sustainability projects

At a glance


The project focuses on the promotion of integration in neighbourhoods/settlements through participative initiatives on the topic of sustainability. The question arises whether and, if so, how social integration can be supported by sustainability-oriented community projects in neighbourhoods. In addition, it will be investigated to what extent digital media can support this process. In this way, the project addresses issues that occupy many cooperatives and municipal departments, but which are also an important concern of the residents, because in many - especially in newly built - residential areas there is a lack of social cohesion, and sustainable lifestyles with the aim of conserving resources, whether in terms of mobility, energy consumption in the household or one's own consumption behaviour, are hardly established. On the basis of three case studies in different neighbourhoods, we want to explore these questions and, together with the stakeholders in these neighbourhoods, identify barriers and drivers and develop ideas and approaches for participatory sustainability projects at neighbourhood level.