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Analysis of Service Delivery of Albaniane Municipalities (Scoping Mission)

At a glance


In the Albanian context of the territorial reform (375 LGUs merged into 61 municipalities) and the transfer of new functions to municipalities, the assessment identified opportunities for "Strong Municipalities" to support municipal service delivery all over the national territory. Given time and resources limitations and the full or significant territorial scope to be reached, the assessment contributed to identify a limited number of solutions that can be implemented by a large number of municipalities. Those solutions may be for example related to performance-oriented management, affordable new techniques for service delivery, improved procedures and organizational structures, clarifications on administrative authority and relations between levels of government, including relations between municipalities and their administrative units and service providers, processes that develop further accountability within the public sector or from municipalities and service providers towards citizens. To identify partnership opportunities is very important. Relevant partnerships will allow for leverage on resources and normative or organizational reforms. BF’s support to service delivery must improve services while generating a positive impact on social inclusion and gender equity.

The assignment carried out by ZHAW-IVM had the following objectives:

Identify good practices or actual or potential solutions to improve service delivery in the areas of kindergarten, nurseries, waste management, public lighting, and public transportation. Additionally, the project should include the main principles covered in the Albanian law on local government:

  • Minimum standards: The objective is to identify minimum standards according to in-ternational organizations or the scientific literature.
  • Affordability: This criteria involves an assessment/projection on the costs incurred by implementing the defined minimum standards in all Albanian municipalities.
  • Indicators for monitoring service performance: The main task is to identify perfor-mance indicators that picture the degree of conversion towards the minimum stand-ards (and also beyond). Sector laws and strategies shall be used as reference.