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Global site assessment for hazelnut production

Feasibility and suitability analysis using CONSUS

At a glance


Currently, 64% of the world's hazelnut production comes from Turkey. A further 13% is produced in Italy. This concentration on a small number of countries poses a risk for the long-term safeguarding of the hazelnut supply. In order to ensure the procurement of hazelnuts in the long term, hazelnut production must be extended to other countries.

The following questions arise for this:

  • Which regions are biophysical suitable for cultivation?

  • Which countries/regions are suitable for production from an entrepreneurial point of view?

  • In which regions/countries can the cultivation be operated economically?

The research group is currently developing CONSUS, a computer-aided decision support system for procurement and agricultural planning CONSUS is being tested on the basis of various case studies.

The CONSUS project focuses on the development of a model that takes into account the needs of (agricultural) companies, producers and rural development. CONSUS acts as (a) decision support system for agricultural enterprises and rural development; (b) it assess the sustainability, suitability and profitability of procurement and (plant) production facilities; and (c) assess the overall feasibility and added value of such facilities.

More information on the CONSUS project can be found here:

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