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Section of Metabolic Tissue Engineering

«We support the industry in testing products using 3D living tissue that we have developed ourselves, without animal testing.»

Prof. Dr. Michael Raghunath, Head of Section

The focus of our research is the construction of three-dimensional tissue cultures using human primary cells. We have been applying the methods of tissue engineering for over 10 years to various tissue types such as bone, cartilage and intervertebral discs, connective tissue and skin, the liver and the pancreas. These in vitro tissues and the use of various technologies provide the basis for many diverse objectives and applications.

Areas of expertise

Our developments are used in areas such as

  • Cell culture technology: automated processes, consideration of biomechanical aspects and bioprinting
  • Biomaterials and implants: development, characterisation, surface modification and in vitro studies
  • Medicine: regenerative, cell-based therapies and clinical trials
  • Drug development: Cultivation and use of organotypic models for substance evaluation

Our research laboratories provide a modern infrastructure and methodological expertise.

We offer our project partners a wide range of opportunities for cooperation. Customer-specific concerns are the principal focus of Bachelor's and Master's theses, directly funded collaborations, and CTI projects.


Publications of the section