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Research guide to social work, social sciences and pedagogy resources

Be efficient in your research and use the various databases, reference works and additional literature in the field of social work, social sciences and pedagogy.


We recommend that you search the databases in order to research and review up-to-date and discipline-specific content on a topic. They mostly contain references to resources as well as full text articles from journals. Depending on the database, additional types of publications such as conference reports, book chapters, pictures, videos and much more are included.


The table below provides an overview of the databases in the area of social work and pedagogy. Please note that databases marked with an asterisk (*) require special access information. You will find more information in the details of each database (in German).

Name Subject Content
edudoc - Schweizerischer Dokumentenserver Bildung education system references, some full texts
ERIC - Educational Resources Information Center Database pedagogy references, some full texts
Fachportal Pädagogik pedagogy references, some full texts, research data, research projects
FIS Bildung pedagogy references, research data
FORS - Schweizer Stiftung für die Forschung in den Sozialwissenschaften social sciences references, some full texts, research data, research projects
IBSS - International Bibliography of the Social Sciences social sciences references
Oxford Bibliographies: Social Work social work references
Social Services Abstracts social work references
Sociological Abstracts sociology references
Sozialhilferecht social law references, some full texts, handbooks, occupational pensions act (BVG)
Teacher Reference Center pedagogy references
WISO economics, social sciences references, some full texts

* Requires access information. You will find more information in the details of each database (in German)

Open access portals

Search for scientific publications that are worldwide freely available, also known as open access publications.

Reference works

Reference works are the ideal starting point for your research. In addition to defining concepts, they help you to gain an overview of a topic, narrow down a topic and find key concepts for future work.

All electronic reference works can be found and searched in ZHAW swisscovery. The selection of titles below provides you with a quick introduction to your specialist area. General reference works can also be found with the monolingual (in German) and multilingual dictionaries (in German).

Title Additional information
A Dictionary of Social Work and Social Care -
Enzyklopädie Erziehungswissenschaft Online (EEO) -
Handbook of Child Psychology and Developmental Science -
Historisches Wörterbuch der Philosophie -
International Encyclopedia of the Social & Behavioral Sciences -
Methoden-Lexikon für die Sozialwissenschaften -
Oxford Handbook of Migration Crisis There are further handbooks of Oxford on the topic of sociology
The Wiley Blackwell Encyclopedia of Race, Ethnicity, and Nationalism -
Wörterbuch Soziale Arbeit -

Bachelor's and master's theses

Bachelor’s theses with a grade of 5.0 and higher are available to borrow. Some master’s thesis are published electronically and are freely accessible via the ZHAW digitalcollection.