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Linda Tschirren

  Linda Tschirren

Linda Tschirren

ZHAW School of Life Sciences and Facility Management
Institute of Natural Resource Sciences
Grüentalstrasse 14
8820 Wädenswil

+41 (0) 58 934 52 31

Personal profile

Position at the ZHAW

Research Associate, Research group aquaculture systems

Expertise and research interests

Fisch biology, fish welfare, stress physiology

Educational background

2016-2021 PhD in Ecology and Evolution, specialisation in aquaculture
2008-2011 Master in Ecology and Evolution, specialisation in Behavioural Ecology, University of Berne
2004-2008 Bachelor in Biology, specialisation in Zoology, University of Berne



Articles in scientific journal, peer-reviewed
Other publications
Publications before appointment at the ZHAW

von Kuerthy, C., Tschirren, L. & Taborsky, M. (2015)
Alternative reproductive tactics in snail shell-brooding cichlids diverge in energy reserve allocation. Ecol. Evol. 5: 2060-2069

Taborsky B., Tschirren L., Meunier C., Aubin-Horth N. (2013)
Stable reprogramming of brain transcription profiles by the early social environment in a cooperatively breeding fish. Pro R Soc B 280: 20122605