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Cedric Schirmer

  Cedric Schirmer

Cedric Schirmer

ZHAW School of Life Sciences and Facility Management
Section for Biochemical Engineering
Grüentalstrasse 14
8820 Wädenswil

+41 (0) 58 934 54 64

Personal profile

Position at the ZHAW

- Research Associate
- Laboratory Manager Bioprocess Engineering and Cell Culture

Expertise and research interests

- Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
- Cell culture technology, animal cells, human mesenchymal stem cells
- Process engineering characterisation and development of bioreactors

Educational background

- Certificate of Advanced Studies Strategic Marketing (ZHAW School of Management and Law)
- M.Sc. Bioprocess Engineering (Hamburg University of Technology)
- B.Sc. Biotechnology (Beuth University of Applied Sciences Berlin)

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Articles in scientific journal, peer-reviewed
Book parts, peer-reviewed
Other publications
Oral conference contributions and abstracts
Publications before appointment at the ZHAW

Goepfert, Christiane; Blume, Grit; Faschian, Rebecca; Meyer, Stefanie; Schirmer, Cedric; Müller-Wichards, Wiebke; Müller, Jörg; Fischer, Janine; Feyerabend, Frank; Pörtner, Ralf, 2013. A modular flow-chamber bioreactor concept as a tool for continuous 2D- and 3D-cell culture. BMC Proceedings.7(Suppl 6),P87.

Pörtner, Ralf; Goepfert, Christiane; Schirmer, Cedric; Hsu, Hao-Hsiang; Blume, Grit; Voigt, Miriam; Rapoport, Daniel Hans, 2016. Reaktionstechnische Charakterisierung von Bioreaktoren für die regenerative Medizin. In: Beckmann, D; Kaufhold, S, Hrsg., 18. Heiligenstädter Kolloquium: Technische Systeme für die Lebenswissenschaften. Heilbad-Heiligenstadt: Institut für Bioprozess- und Analysenmesstechnik e.V. S. 575-582. ISBN: 978-3-00-054165-0

Other contributions

Schirmer, Cedric; Ott, Vivian; John, Gernot T.; Eibl, Dieter, 2020. Integration of chemical-optical oxygen and pH sensors in existing control units: cultivation monitoring in a glass bioreactor system with subsequently integrated sensor spots. Regensburg: PreSens Precision Sensing GmbH. Available from:

Schirmer, Cedric; Eibl, Dieter, 2018. Shear stress investigations of the magnetically levitated single-use centrifugal pump PuraLev® 600SU using the protein shear stress model for lysozyme, Zurich, Levitronix GmbH. Available from: