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ZHAW Datalab is scientific partner of the Swiss Conference on Data Science

The IEEE Swiss Conference on Data Science (SDS) is the most important conference for applied data science in Switzerland. 11 years ago, the ZHAW Datalab kickstarted this event – this year it is the scientific partner and Datalab members are present with workshops, presentations, and a booth.

Kurt Stockinger presenting the keynote speech on Quantum Machine Learning at the SDS 2023.
Kurt Stockinger presenting the keynote speech on Quantum Machine Learning at the SDS 2023.

Every year the SDS brings together data scientists, developers, opinion leaders, decision makers and pioneers to exchange ideas and drive innovation in products and services, with a focus on the Swiss market. This year’s conference will be held at The Circle in Zurich, Switzerland. The Conference has a strong focus on AI, focused on society, cybersecurity, industry and Business Models.

As the scientific partner of the 11th IEEE SDS, the ZHAW Datalab is uniquely positioned to engage with attendees from academia and industry and discuss brand new developments in Data Science and their applications. Datalab members conduct workshops, give presentations and are present at the Datalab booth. The talk by Mark Cieliebak from the Center of Artificial Intelligence, for example, focuses on the reliable evaluation of Large Language Models (LLMs). In the workshops, ZHAW expert Jürg Meierhofer will show how business can be elevated through Social Values. Ricardo Chavarriaga and Christoph Heitz on the other hand demonstrate the usage of AI standards to create responsible AI. Other talks by ZHAW experts focus on the certification of AI-based systems (Philipp Denzel, Stefan Brunner), automated process monitoring in injection molding (Ahmed Abdulkadir), group fairness (Christoph Heitz) and efficient GPTs (Lukas Tuggener). In the poster session, topics such as AI-based anomaly detection (Lilach Goren Huber) and ScalaGrad, a type-safe automatic differentiation library (Benjamin Meyer) will be discussed.

At the conference, also leaders from various companies will be present, for example from Zürich Insurance Group, Raiffeisen Gruppe, Migros Genossenschafts Bund, UBS Switzerland and more. The conference keynote on the power of visual analytics will be held by Daniel Keim, Professor at University of Konstanz, and the second keynote on Open LLMs will be given by Leandro von Werra from Hugging Face. “SDS is THE data science conference in Switzerland – I am really looking forward to a series of exciting presentations and to exchange ideas with the data science community from industry and academia,” says Manuel Dömer, Co-head of the Datalab.

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