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Professional internet research for scientific information and knowledge management

Search = Google?

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Professional web-based scientific searching and knowledge management are major tools of most researchers/ knowledge workers. But how can this topic be taught or learnt? In collabo-ration with the ZHAW libraries, the University of Tübingen and the company “Agora”, one of the biggest open educational resource in the german and russian-speaking area was created.

“Googling” became a synonym for “searching”. Especially in the context of Higher Education, Google is often not a valuable source. Many students do not know what kind of tools they can use in order to research the state of the art in their field. Lecturers often receive papers which do not meet fundamental research criteria. Libraries provide access to a wide range of modern, often very expensive, scientific databases, which however are often not used by students.

Against this background, the involved parties (libraries of the ZHAW, the University of Tü-bingen and the Center for Education and New Learning) designed a platform targeting stu-dents for their self-studies. It covers three major aspects of scientific information research: Finding scientific resources, storing and processing them, staying up-to-date in ones research areas.  

The course is not only targeting students but also researchers and professionals. Our rationale was to provide an OER with instruments and contents that are as far as possible openly accessible and therefore can also be used after leaving university and being on the job.

We would like to thank our colleagues of the two libraries for their support. Without them, the project could not have been realised. Furthermore, we thank the Head of the studies of the School of Management and Law for financing this project.

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