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Jakob Ott

Jakob Ott

Jakob Ott

ZHAW School of Management and Law
Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning
St.-Georgen-Platz 2
8400 Winterthur

+41 (0) 58 934 79 30

Work at ZHAW

Position at the ZHAW

software developer with focus on e-learning and software architecture

Education and Continuing education

Expertise and research interests

software architecture
state of the art web technologies
data warehousing
processing and reporting

Professional milestones

software architect with 20 years of practice
educational technology specialist
several e-learning and workflow websites at ZHAW 2009-
technical conecpt for corporate wide e-learning platform, >3500 employees 2003-2008
technical technical concept for secured browsing on kiosk systems >1000 instances 1998-2000
concept for large scale e-learning projects in banking 1995-97

Educational background

training qualification in informatics



Book parts, peer-reviewed
Conference contributions, peer-reviewed
Other publications
Oral conference contributions and abstracts