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Development of a user-centered implementation tool for the beni project

At a glance


The Peribass association aims to strengthen young families around childbirth and create a service that is systematically linked to existing perinatal healthcare services and early childhood intervention. Furthermore, the service provides a validated interactive app that helps parents assess their potential psychosocial support needs.

To create a holistic connection between existing healthcare offers and ensure a successful implementation of the service, the association, together with research partners from ZHAW, is utilizing the new approach of Design Thinking for the industry. Based on this approach, a data-based tool, called a Service Blueprint, is developed to visualize and structure the service and underlying processes. The needs of families are systematically assessed and linked to the service during this process. The Design Thinking approach underlying the project allows for iterative work in each project phase. The Blueprint, a visualization of the service offered by Peribass, is developed further based on existing knowledge from literature and practice (V1) as well as user-centered research and interviews with involved stakeholders (V2). The co-created Blueprint can then be independently developed and utilized by the project partner (V3).

This is a collaborative project of researchers from the ZHAW departments of Health and School of Management and Law.