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Development of a hemp bitter extract and application in beer production

Hemp field - Location Campus Grüental, 2021

At a glance


This project aims at brewing beer with hemp instead of hops, without changing the sensorial characteristics of the beer. The project proposed is seen as a collaborative work between the different research groups of ILGI institute. The goals are:

  • to develop a hemp bitter extract that could be used in beer brewing to replace partially or totally hops.
  • As the bitter taste of hemp cannot be expressed in IBU an empirical approach must elucidate the adequate use of the new hemp extract. Therefore beer prototypes will be brewed to address the question of how and when this new extract can be introduced into the brewing process. A beer style with a bitter taste without much influence of hop aroma will serve as basis.

The prototypes will be analysed for bitter taste, foam properties and overall sensorial characteristics.