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SWEET SWICE - Sustainable Wellbeing for the Individual and the Collectivity in the Energy transition

At a glance


Spatial and temporal boundaries between living and working have become blurred by social processes of flexibilization and digitalization and accelerated by the coronavirus pandemic. These dynamics impact energy consumption in both the mobility sector (avoiding trips, reducing distances travelled, shifting trips to off-peak times and to other modes of transport) and the building sector (more areas for home offices in private homes, fewer in office buildings). The project period allows for a longitudinal (quasi-)experimental panel design in order to assess the energy mitigation potential of both existing and new interventions in the LLs. Interrelations between the concept of well-being and mobility including the rebound and spillover effects will be addressed (leisure travel, long-termlocation decisions and mobility tool choices in general). Based on the empirical evidence, good examples of interventions will be identified and prepared in such a way that they can be scaled up to other regions.