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IMPALA - Impact of aggregated electrical assets on the power system

At a glance


In this project different studies and an extensive amount of dynamic simulations in the transmission system of Continental Europe will be conducted. The dynamic response of the system will be used to evaluate the stability and quantify the impact caused by malfunction or sudden loss of large Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) asset pools such as heat-pumps, PV-inverters, batteries, EV-chargers among others, which are connected via internet. The project is in close collaboration with the International Smart Grids Action Network ISGAN, Annex 5+ 6. Some of the expected results include the definition of the boundary conditions of the amount of assets that can be lost before the security of the system is threatened. Although in this work, the nature of the communication malfunction is not considered, this will be a topic that is going to be investigated in subsequent projects.