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Digitalisation non-bankable assets (specifically: art)

At a glance


The art market is one of the last illiquid, intransparent and inefficient markets. KULT ART is a young venture born within, Helvetia Schweizer Versicherungsgesellschaft, one of the largest art insurance companies in Switzerland. KULT ART's vision is that art should be accessible to everyone, not only an elite collectorship. The generations born in the 1980s will combine 65% and more of the consumers spending power by 2020. They see investment into art as a great opportunity to diversify their investment and to build wealth. By bringing together the ideas of art as a (non-bankable) asset and the democratisation of art (making art accessible to everyone). The project will help KULT ART to truly democratise the art market by making it fully accessible for everyone and Switzerland will be at the forefront in leading the art market to more efficiency instead of having to implement rigid regulations.

Martin Ebner enabled saving through equity investment in the 1980s for small investors. KULT ART will enable people of all spending power to save through buying diversified AND tradable art portfolios.